In other media: sketch scripts ~ News Review
(R4); Vamp! (HTV); Multi-Coloured Swap Shop (BBC1); radio plays ~ Whaam!
(Pitch x 3, Radio Cardiff)
Playing Mantrax (Sony-nominated for BBC Radio
Wales); The Halloween Murders (a week long audience interactive serial
for Radio Wales); radio series ~ Visionary Victor (75+ editions for BBC
Radio Wales); short film ~ Murder in the Library; Away with the Fairies; 40+
audience-interactive whodunnits for Murder on the Menu; lyrics ~ Prince
Prospero's Band, Gotham City Swing Band
and many shows; Sushi plays;
short stories and articles in magazines and newspapers. In 2017 a Chaucerian/corporate treasure hunt around Canterbury had some literate flourishes.
In current and further development: Gospel of Nullifidian', Katie and Tales from a Darkened Nursery
In production: Clarissa!

The Seligman Theatre, Chapter Arts, Cardiff: 13-15th December 2018
Performed theatre work includes: Awkward Turtle Flips the Bird
('....it demonstrates that a theatrical experiment performed with a gentle
flourish can be both interesting and exciting' Theatre Wales); Fragments
of Ash
('A seriously intelligent and very important piece of theatre',
Informed Edinburgh ****); Man:Evil; No Offence (a play about freedom of
expression); Who's Guilty Now? (Scotsman ****, Guardian 'pick of the fringe');
Two Old Corinthians (The Abacus, Cardiff); Anissia (Sherman Studio);
Memoirs of a Lunatic (King's Head, London, Sherman, Cardiff and national
tour); Well-Thumbed ('cry your make-up off hilarious', Edinburgh Fringe 2017; 'a super exuberant show […] an absolute tour-de-force' Presteigne Festival,2018) Hans My Hedgehog; The Perplexing Puzzle of the Pedigree Pet and the Policeman (First LIFT, published by NPN); parts of Nowhere Now Here (NTW); The Death of Golden Age Fiction
(Brooklyn, NY); parts of Masque of the Red Death (BAC).